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Case Studies

Is your asset base “bankable”?

Enterprises that are outside the “sweet spot” of traditional finance — too small, too specialized — have limited access to funding. But if the accounts or loans receivable repay in a predictable pattern, it may be possible for these enterprises to raise funds more cheaply in a transaction that minimizes the risk through structuring.

R&R Consulting is expert at crafting solid financing solutions for smaller enterprises that measure and monetize the equity in the company balance sheet that is not accessible to company finance methods, producing more capital for growth. Here is the proof, in three live case studies:

  • UNLEASH! [Equipment Lease financing]
  • LIVE ENTERTAINMENT [SME future flow financing]
  • MICRO-GUARANTEE [Cross-collateralized microfinance portfolio risk assessment]

The names have been withheld to protect the confidentiality of our clients.


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