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Elements of Structured Finance


The Analysis of Structured Securities

By Ann Rutledge and Sylvain Raynes   By Sylvain Raynes and Ann Rutledge
For all but the most credit-worthy companies, it is more efficient to finance large pools of assets that have predictable behavioral characteristics through non-standard arrangements. These off-balance sheet structures allow credit exposures to be tailored to investor risk, asset class, and an ever-increasing diversity of idiosyncratic needs on the part of issuers and investors. The discipline that addresses these structures, which is called structured finance or securitization, is almost twenty years old, and has become a ubiquitous element of modern financial management. Yet, it has not been systematically covered in a textbook designed for both the school and workplace contexts.   The Analysis of Structured Securities presents the first intellectually defensible framework for systematic assessment of the credit quality of structured securities.
It begins with a detailed description and critique of methods used to rate asset-backed securities, collateralized debt obligations and asset-backed commercial paper. The book then proposes a single replacement paradigm capable of granular, dynamic results. It offers extensive guidance on using numerical methods in cash flow modeling, as well as a groundbreaking section on trigger optimization. Casework on applying the method to automobile ABS, CDOs-of-ABS and aircraft-lease securitizations is also presented.

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