Accidental Trader: In the Tranches

Ever wonder what it’d be like to steer a portfolio through today’s turbulent credit market? Now you can!
“The Accidental Trader”, an online game developed by New York-based structured finance consultancy R&R Consulting simulates the real-life experience of a risk manager managing the credit risks of a large portfolio. Feel the thrills and chills as your credits are bombarded by rating actions! Curse out your teammates over the built-in Skype system as your portfolio careens out of control!

The Accidental Trader was designed to give users a more intuitive feel for risk management. “Instead of just learning formulas, you can see right away what results your actions have,” said Max Rumyantsev, the game’s developer.
Rumyantsev recently added virtual opponentsto battle as you struggle to stay in business.

Click here to access the Accidental Trader Game