Introducing CreditSpectrum Corp. (CSC)


CSC, formerly known as R&R Consulting (R&R), is a leading financial advisory firm with exceptional core competencies in rating and valuing credit sensitive financial instruments for a global clientele.


CSC Clients include small-, medium-sized and universal banks; broker-dealers; multi-lateral lenders with a focus on the micro- and small-medium enterprise sector; U.S. and overseas bank-regulatory institutions; NRSROs and credit bureaus; financial guarantors; specialty lenders; public-private partnerships; law firms; and universities. For nearly 20 years, CSC has advised on securitization transactions and risk systems development in all five continents including frontier, emerging and developed markets.


CSC Informational Solutions include (1) highly structured transactions, (2) non-commodity ABS, (3) nascent company or nascent market credits, (4) predictive scoring, and (5) regulatory capital-saving solutions. CSC delivers its products and services via multiple channels: custom advisory, subscription, software-as-a-service (SaS), and arm’s-length licensing with optional support.


Exceptional Core Competencies for the 21st Century