Why intern with CreditSpectrum?

As a young professional, time spent in a CSC internship can help you  —

  • Develop familiarity with industry and work culture
  • Acquire direct experience with practical work
  • Increase your access to industry
  • Improve your career positioning
  • Provide you with references
But, why take our word for it? Listen to what our Interns have to say:
Where our Interns go after their CSC experience:

Figures by Ruiyi He, CreditSpectrum Summer 2019

CSC’s Job Portfolio consists of four sectors delineated in the table below. Finance and Marketing are subdivided into strategic and tactical work:



Industrial Organization

Enterprise Risk Management

Quantitative Methods

Empirical Research

Labor Economics



Investment Banking

Commercial/Retail Banking

Government-Owned Businesses

Infrastructure Finance


Corp Ratings

Hybrid Securities


Special Asset Valuation


Strategic Marketing

Tactical Marketing


Software IT

Website IT

Program Refactoring

Data Science

CSC offers model validation, litigation support, expert testimony, quantitative skill assessment and professional training services to regulatory and financial institutions. Our framework of analysis sets the market standard for transparency, reproducibility and non-arbitrary credit risk measurement results.

CSC also provides internship opportunities, implanting positive ideas that nourish young professionals with CSC philosophy. From a base of solid knowledge and industrial experience of structured finance, the program can help candidates who lack work experience (targeted clientele: undergrads, students in graduate programs) get acquainted with the financial industry; and to help financial professionals (targeted clientele: the entry-level to mid-career professionals) strengthen/refresh their existing knowledge and skills, or connect them to other specialized areas then their own.