Sylvain Raynes speaks at Nouriel Roubini-RGE Monitor Event

Sylvain Raynes was one of six independent leading experts of banking and financial intermediaries who spoke at a recent panel discussion in New York organized by Nouriel Roubini’s RGE Monitor and attended by more than 150 private and financial sector professionals. Apart from Sylvain and Nouriel, the other speakers included Chris Whalen of Institutional Risk Analytics, Josh Rosner of Graham Fisher, Alex Pollock of the American Enterprise Institute, and Martin Mayer, a guest scholar at Brookings. The views expressed are summarized in “RGE Monitor Event on the US Economy, the Risks of a Systemic Banking Crisis and the Outlook for Financial Intermediaries” at the RGE Web site.

Ann Rutledge delivered a presentation entitled “Securitization Gone Awry: The Fine Art of Manufacturing Money” at the Hong Kong Association of New York on Wednesday May 22, 2008. Her talk focused on the root causes of the subprime crisis. Ann is a Director of the Hong Kong Association.