Les Paul/Patrick Klaybor

Patrick Klaybor sent me an email, asking: I am trying to determine the value of a video that I shot of Les Paul at a dinner in Madison Wi. Wanna help? Since we finance portfolios using securitization but don’t do single-asset valuations, I connected him to Marty Ashby at MCG Jazz: http://www.martyashby.com/

Yesterday, Patrick <klayjar@gmail.com> sent me this glimpse of the ageless Wizard from Waukesha: http://bit.ly/NFDA2J Here is the story behind the video:

Les Paul, “father of the electric guitar” and modern-music pioneer, was honored with a first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award in Music Education at a special ceremony on October 27 2004, at Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

I was there with an unopened copy of ‘Christmas Around the World’, a record performed by my cousin and his family, ‘The Martins’. Les Paul was listed as doing the ‘engineering and mixing’ in the credits. There is some question as to whether it was Les or his son that did the tracking or mixing. Nevertheless, we chatted as Les recalled details of my cousin’s family and autographed my copy of the album.

I was a student learning videography at the time and attempted to capture the essence of that wonderful evening as Les told his story and was honored by several of his friends including Steve Miller, Ben Sidran, and Clyde Stubblefield, to name a few.