Learn Structured Finance

I am responding to Susan Saulny‘s article about homelessness and joblessness, a topic very close to my heart.

R&R Consulting is willing to teach any jobless college graduate how to do structured finance the right way (ie, to grow jobs and avoid another Crisis) who is willing to put in the time and accept the self-discipline required to learn it, and to understand that this training is “extra-curricular” for us. Unfortunately, most of our time goes to paying the bills and we currently don’t have the resources to hire anyone. That will be true until the financial markets get over their reluctance to learn from past mistakes and embrace change. But the skills underlying structured finance are marketable. Credit is one of the keys to economic revival and job creation. Moreover, if you understand how credit works, your understanding of how the world works may change in ways that empower you.

So, if you think learning what we teach can help you, please leave a comment with your name and email. And, if you want to help us put the people we train to work, please contact me at info@creditspectrum.com.