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Introducing R&R Consulting

Q: What exactly is R&R?
A: R&R is an independent credit rating agency.

Q: How are you different from other credit rating agencies?
A: Our difference goes back to first principles. Finance answers the questions, how much and when. Credit ratings refine the analysis of how much by grading the payment certainty of fixed income instruments, but mostly they leave the when undefined.

R&R ratings address both questions in a precise, fundamental, control-theoretic (cybernetic) approach, to reflect both the science of finance and its game elements.

Q: U.S. financial reform is moving in the direction of eliminating rating agencies. Why do you still call yourself one?
A: R&R believes what the market really needs is a better rating paradigm for structured securities, not just another rating agency.

But there will always be a role for a neutral arbiter of value in credit, because buyers will always mistrust a price from a seller, and vice-versa. Not to take a bid or offer at face value is rational. It reflects the game element of finance.

Q: If you’re a ratings company, why do you provide other services and products besides ratings?
A: R&R offers a suite of services to reach more clients based on their information needs. For those who want ratings, we offer ratings. For those who want DIY, we offer licenses and after-market support. For those seeking to balance risk and value creation in a healthy equilibrium, we offer capital strategy. For those dealing with the fallout from the Crisis, we offer answers and expertise. And for anyone seeking to deepen their credit skill or knowledge, we offer training.

To see for yourself how R&R ratings held up through the Crisis or learn more about how our products and services support your capital management goals, read on!


As an intern (2012) I was constantly immersed in the language and logic of structured finance. Whenever a project reached a milestone or hit a snag, we all got together to consider it and share our ideas.Josh Morris-Levenson, BA candidate, University of Chicago